Brian Scalabrine forced out of assistant coaching job with Warriors by Mark Jackson

In what has to be the weirdest NBA story of the day (ok, maybe besides Shaq being investigated for aggressive horseplay at the TNT office), old friend Brian Scalabrine has been forced out of his assistant coaching job and will be reassigned by the organization.

The reason? Discord with Dubs head coach Mark Jackson, who apparently has a history of being a pretty crappy boss (via Adrian Wojnarowski).

In what's become an increasingly dysfunctional atmosphere, Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson has forced a reassignment of assistant coach Brian Scalabrine, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Ownership and management have been strong advocates of Scalabrine and his performance on the job, sources told Yahoo Sports. Nevertheless, Warriors officials decided that as long as Jackson is the head coach, he'll have control of his coaching staff.

It is immediately unclear what kind of a role the Warriors will transition Scalabrine, but management has no intention of letting him leave the organization, sources said.


Scalabrine, who joined the staff in July, was Jackson's choice as an assistant coach. For two straight years, Jackson has had issues with assistant coaches that he hired. Michael Malone and Jackson would go weeks without speaking to each other a year ago, league sources said. Malone left Golden State to become the head coach of the Sacramento Kings.

Jackson, in his third year at the helm of the Warriors, has one year left on his contract, but has come under increased scrutiny within the organization for how he has run the team and worked on the job. There have been no conversations about an extension for Jackson – nor are they expected to take place, sources said.

Jackson has tried and failed to get involved with several head coaching openings over the past several months, including the Los Angeles Clippers and Brooklyn Nets, league sources said.

Am I the only one who was completely oblivious to the fact that Jackson is a total diva? I mean it's one thing to have this happen with one assistant, but with two universally respected guys in a matter of two years? At this point my roommate theory comes into play: if you have a problem with one roommate, they're the crappy roommate, if you have a problem with every roommate you've ever had, you're the crappy roommate. In this case, it's clearly on Jackson.

It seems as if the Warriors are intent on keeping Scal around, but man, considering his folk-hero status in Boston, and the possibility that current Celts assistant Walter McCarty is looking around for other jobs, how cool would it be to have Scal on Brad Stevens' staff?

Stevens is a great manager of people from all accounts, and it would seem that Scal would mesh better with the ego-free Stevens than with Jackson, who is giving off the impression that he's too good for just about anyone.

Get it done, Danny!

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