Philly finally wins one, snaps 26 game losing streak

For the 1st time since George W. Bush was in office, the Philadelphia 76ers won a basketball game. They blew out the Detroit Pistons Saturday night 123-98 to snap their record tying NBA losing streak of 26 games. They have been trying desperately to catch the Bucks for worst record in the league, but the Bucks have remained in the #1 lottery spot by laying putrid basketball as well. Philly didn't want anything to do with sole possession of the longest losing streak in NBA history, so they won't lose any sleep over this win.

Speaking of tanking the Detroit Pistons are in full tank mode right now. They only have two fewer losses than the Celtics and are another team gunning for our current #5 slot in the lottery standings. The Lakers and Kings are also breathing down our necks and it's possible the Celtics could end up with only the 8th worst record in the league by season's end. Would suck to have to go through this season and only end up with the 8th pick, but enough about that. Tonight was a special night in Philly. Congrats on your big win.