Sullinger's double-double streak sparked by dad telling him he was "embarrassing the Sullinger name"

Leave it Satch Sullinger to hit the right buttons on his son Jared, who has come alive to string together some monster double doubles. Via's Jay King:
"He came up and cussed me out," Jared Sullinger told Basketball Insiders of his father. "I was thinking he had to tell me something or he wanted me to talk about how everything was going because he seemed worried about me. But instead the conversation just started off--well, his conversation started off--and I was just saying, 'Yes sir. Yes sir. Yes sir.' I was kind of in shock. He was telling me my body language sucks, my attitude sucks, I'm disrespecting the Sullinger name the way I'm acting on and off the court, and when he says off the court he means on the bench."

Jared continued to tell Jessica Camerato of Basketball Insiders that the argument became "heated" and that he banished Satch from his room. However, about four hours later he told his father he was right.

"I just apologized and told him I'm sorry" Jared told Camerato. "He's right and I never meant to disrespect the family name."

Somewhere between his low percentage shooting and the team's 2-15 January record, Sullinger got frustrated--and reasonably so. He admitted that the nine game slid was "definitely" the longest losing streak of his life.

Since the chat, the Celts have won four of five and Sullinger has put up some monster double doubles during his streak of six straight:

1/29 vs PHI: 24 PTS, 17 REB

2/2 vs ORL: 21 PTS, 12 REB

2/5 @ PHI: 19 PTS, 10 REB

2/7 vs SAC: 31 PTS, 16 REB

2/9 vs DAL: 11 PTS, 12 REB

2/10 @ MIL: 13 PTS, 10 REB

"The biggest difference was the talk with my father and my brothers," Jared said. "Mentally, once I found my happiness on the court, which was going back to my old self smiling, was who I was. It was about things I lost, honestly, when we went through that losing, because I'm not used to losing. They showed me what to do, what I used to do, and get back to that good spirit."

"I still have a lot of work to do. I have to give my teammates credit. They put the pressure on me, as well as Brad, as well as my father, as well as my brothers, as well as my mother, to play at a high rate."