Green Envy: What Magic fans said - 2/2

Orlando fans know what's up. The Magic (13-36) came away with a valuable loss against an equally terrible Boston team (16-33) in the quest for ping pong balls and their fans were pretty happy with the result.

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Go Boston :) . Sorry we need a loss.

FYI I added Chris Johnson in fantansy last night in anticipation.........lets just call it a hunch.

Big tank game. Eat it, Ainge.

Play of the Game (Vucevic puts the ball in the wrong basket)

Vuc is in on the tank :lol:

Vooch even gets shots on the other side of the court! Fill it up, big fella.

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Rondo is playing And hate to say, but we need to lose this one. The Celts only have 2 more wins than us, same with the tanking sixers and they're planning to trade one or two of their best players, and cavs may blow up their team soon. Meanwhiile we're fully healthy, it's not clear if we'll trade our best asset or not, and trading big baby may actually produce more wins. It's going to be a tough race to 2nd worst record.

This is what you call a must lose game, If the celtics win this one we will be 3 games ahead of them and they have two easy games after us against the Sixers and Kings.

Go Boston :) . Sorry we need a loss.

Boston is in full tank mode too. If they shed some players and get even MORE picks, The NBA is **** for years to come. They are stacked with credits in years ahead. I hope they keep their team intact and with Rondo playing more minutes accumulate more wins. Ainge said they would never tank but it's pretty obvious. Boston or LA finishing in the bottom 5 worries me.

Two of the NBA's biggest franchises in a draft lottery that is already suspect? :-?

I dont know, it doesnt seem like they have even one prospect that isnt flawed and their future picks are unlikely to be more than late lottery at best.

I like Sullinger but he is not a shot blcoker and have a pretty inefficient game, Bradley may never become a good offensive player and KO will always be a liablity on defense

I do like the way their GM is running things there and he might be able to put them in the playoffs sooner than it seems but unless they get lucky or get something great for Rondo I dont see how they can become a contender in the any time soon, they have no foundation to build one right now.

Their pick this year is obviously their biggest asset, I think the same goes for us.
Sully is good, but his ceiling is what? Paul Millsap? and thats IF he doesnt suffer any major injury which doesnt seem likely.

I think the best thing they could do with Rondo is showcase him and maybe ger a great asset from some team and their cap space likely wont get them a star player mainly because a lot of other teams will also have cap space that year.

Again, right now there is no way ro know what will happen with them, its pretty early in their reubild and a lot of things can and will happen but for them to be considered a promising team, a lot of things need to fall into place so right now, I think it will take them a while to become a good team in the east.

Would be nice to see the Celtics have one of those days where they make everything.

God help me I have to listen to the Boston announcers. I will have to mute this.

FYI I added Chris Johnson in fantansy last night in anticipation.........lets just call it a hunch.

Can't emphasize enough how important losing this game is.

Rondo making jumpers??? Guaranteed loss!

Refs trying to help the Celtics tank????

Vuc is in on the tank :lol:

Vooch even gets shots on the other side of the court! Fill it up, big fella.

I'm concerned that we might win this game....

It took 3.5 quarters, but Oladipo finally realized Sully is not a shot blocker.

Big tank game. Eat it, Ainge.

why didn't Harris touch the ball in the 4th?

we want a top 3 pick?

I'am gonna laugh at you (or cry) once we get the fifth pick in the draft, draft marcus smart and suck just as bad next season.

and the alternative would be what? Win 10 more games this year, draft McDermott and have thoughts of suicide then? I don't see better alternatives at the moment.

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