Green Envy: The Tank is Real... What Kings fans said - 2/7

The Kings just out-tanked us tonight you guys. It was a battle of the bigs... Boogie vs. Sully: Sully was the victor and the Kings just packed it in and called it a night.

Top Three

The tank is real, no offense at all. We’re getting killed by Jerryd fucking Bayless.

Boston announcers are whiney little beeyotches

Olynik is the next Varejao. The next troll big man.

Play of the Game (Olynyk the Klynyk has a nice put back dunk)

wha, uh, wha....did I just see a white hippie fly?

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Ben is going to go off tonight at least 20 points. I’m calling it right now

Travis Outlaw is the Kings starting SG tonight... Let that set in…

Using the Celts audio, Tommy Heinsohn will always be the voice of the NBA to me, too many CBS games watched in the 80s

Sullinger clearly can't keep up with Cousins, yet Cousins insists on taking jumpers.

Sully has an enormous backside and he knows how to use it.

Tommy Heinsohn with the Acey Deuce reference. Jerry should do stuff like that!

i gaurentee celtics make a run

Remember when we all wished we had Bayless? Lol. Not saying he’s bad, but not envy worthy.

Would like to see this offense run through Carl Landry….but well, not likely to happen.

Cousins is on pace for one of the more lethargic 40 point games I've seen

Celtics cheerleaders are hella beat

lol that dude looks like a 7 foot Tim Lincecum

Earth to Olynyk....GET A REAL HEADBAND! That thing came outta the Goody™ section at the 99 Cents Only Store.


Poor Humphries...Such a lightning rod of ridicule...HAHA!

The tank is real, no offense at all. We’re getting killed by Jerryd fucking Bayless.

Bayless is a puke

Love to see Boogie being peacemaker. And don't blame Isaiah for being incensed there either. That was a pretty cheap play on
Bayless' part.

We turned Jared Sullinger into a mix of wilt Chamberlain and Kevin love unacceptable

Haha, Heinsohn so pissed off, he's barking at Celtics now

Demarcus Pullup Three for shits and giggles. Remember when Chris Webber made a three in Boston?

The Wizards next. They are ballin right now……….does not look good kings fans. But hey the Lottery!!!!!!!

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