Green Envy: Sixers fans wanted to lose this basketball game more than you could imagine

Not going to lie, Green Envy got a little weird tonight as the Sixers lost a heated tank battle to the Celtics, 114-108.

You see, Philly fans were not mad about the loss. Not at all. In fact, they were quite pleased.

But at least they were funny about it.

Pre-Tip off - setting the mood

Please just lose...


Hurts having to root for Celtics.

Watching this game is going to be like having a root canal. Maybe the root canal is more fun.

Turner will do a 360 windmill dunk over Rondo at the buzzer. Ending Rondo's season (due to pride not injury) and soundly placing Boston in front of us for the rest of the year. (Editor's note: reverse jinx worked)

Game gets started

So far so good. Let's keep the tank going for three more quarters, k boys?

If Thad refinds his jumper again....and this upcoming stretch? Oh my....Rodney Hood Future brews

It must really suck to play with MCW and Wroten right now. They think this is Rucker Park or some shit

I wouldn't be worried about the upcoming schedule. this team is hot garbage. we'll be lucky to beat Milwaukee

Looks like Lakers and Magic wins tonight. This would a big loss.

Jeff Green chose an awesome game to go off, single handedly keeping us separated.

This guy hates the Cavs

Yo the Cavs are going to be the team that fucks all tanking plans up by mistake.

Tony Wroten hits a half court heave -- awesome, right guys???

I was going to comment on that tip in by Hump, but then Wroten hits that shit.. Why? That better not shift the momentum.

Wroten with a Hail Mary to close out the third. Bad omen, much?

Oh, God, all of our players look fired up now...

4th quarter time

Refs really want us to win this game, lol, well fuck you NBA! We're losing!

We gotta pull this one out. Huge potential tank night shaping up.

Trade Thad now.

Maybe Turner can cost us this game and make up for his game winner last time?

Out of all the bad teams, the Sixers fan base is the only one truly passionate about tanking. Other fans care somewhat, but most of it is sarcasm or facetiousness. I guess it's because Hinkie started the ball rolling by the Holiday trade before any team.

YES thank you MCW haha. We need this loss so badly!

I am so proud of the guys tonight. After a heart-breaking win against the Celtics the last go around, they came out and fought themselves to a loss.

We lose, Celtics win, Magic win, Lakers win, NO is losing, MIL close early on... What a night so far, could be truly epic if stars align.

Outrageous response to another commenter being pissed about there being a lot of Celtics fans in Philly that deserves it's own category and also sums up this whole tanking exercise

Son, get your head out of the sand! Those are true patriotic Sixers Fans full committed to the tank. They aren't cheering on the Celtics for one game like the plebs on this board. They are donning that hideous shade of shit green and going into enemy territoy cheering, nay, willing the Celtics to victory in hopes of pushing them to the 10th pick in the draft. They are the Navy Seals of this Tank. The CIA in this tank game, working deep undercover on clandestine mission. Freedom isn't free and neither is tanking and those brave souls are paying the bill.

Ping Pong Strong

You know what is a good way to celebrate a big time tank loss? Gifs

So yea, this was weird.



Somebody break up the winning machine that is the Boston Celtics: C's beat Sixers 114-108

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