A Lakers team with only five available players beat the Cavs 119-108

Oh man. Things are not going well for the Cavs right now. They're not really going well for the Lakers either, but the Lakers were able to pull off an incredible win tonight. Incredible because they started with only eight players, lost two to injury, two guys then fouled out and they STILL beat the Cavs. Is #PreyForDeng trending on Twitter yet?

A quick summary of the Lakers team:

Because a team MUST consist of five players, should the situation ever arise where there are only five members available and one fouls out, they won't actually foul out.

Here's the actual rule:

This picture pretty much sums it up for the Lakers this season.

Are we going to win this game? Are we making modern history? Are we enacting a rule that is so seldom used that no one really knew it existed? Ho hum, who cares, it's nap time.