Gerald Wallace likely to miss rest of season

Multiple reports have been released on Friday after Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge claim that an MRI has revealed a torn meniscus for Gerald Wallace that will require season ending surgery. Wallace also may have ankle surgery for bone spurs.

Tough news for Wallace, he had been playing well of late, even through the pain. This also isn't great news for the Celtics when you think about their chances of trading Wallace towards the end of his contract. He was already considered impossible to move, now considerer he could be coming off of two surgeries.

This season, however, is a different story. Ainge withheld from making any transactions at the trade deadline, but now they will be losing Wallace for the season. Obviously this is an unplanned injury and has nothing to do with the team tanking, but it certainly could hurt their chances of winning down the stretch.

Wallace hasn't been the best teammate so far this season. But his personal issues aside, this will just give some of the younger players more minutes to see what they can do. Let's see how a player like Chris Johnson will respond when Stevens throws him into the fire with big minutes.

Here is another tweet from Washburn that really wraps things up in terms of how brutal the injury bug is right now for the Celtics.

With a brutal March schedule ahead of them that includes 10 of 15 games against teams over .500, another two games against the Nets and two games out west (where Boston is winless this season), things could get ugly. Tank-a-palooza is officially in full force.

I think it's safe to say, not many fans are going to be too disappointed by this injury. See ya Gerald.

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