Danny Ainge speaks out on "overvaluing" his players

As the trade deadline approaches there has been talk that the Celtics GM may be "overvaluing" some of his guys in trade negotiations.  Here's what Danny Ainge had to say on the matter (via Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald):

"Another thing that comes out at this time of year that I find sort of comical is the talk that I’m asking too much for my players or being unrealistic with my players. Well, you know, when someone calls you and says, ‘We’d like to have this guy,’ and I say, ‘OK, well, what do you want to give?’ and they say, ‘We’ll give you this or this’ — and I say, ‘Well, will you give me that?’ and they say no, then I tell them, ‘Then I won’t give my guy up’ — who in that is valuing their guys too much, me or them?  
I mean, we all have a choice to make deals or not, and I don’t blame somebody for how they value their players. That’s their decision. Usually it’s not anybody overvaluing their players; there’s just not a fit. You’re not a fit as a trade partner because you don’t have anything I want, and I like my player better than that player you just offered me. And what’s funny is that so do they because that’s why they just offered it. So the fact that we both like the guy that they’re trying to get, how does that make one side value him more than another?"

So basically Danny doesn't want to deal any of his guys if he doesn't like what's being offered in return; seems like a reasonable stance to me.  Making trades just for the sake of making trades makes no sense.  As we close in on 24 hours to go (deadline is 3 pm Thursday), it's looking more and more like the Celtics may stick with what they've got.

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