According to Grantland, Rondo was on the block for the right price

According to Grantland writer Zach Lowe, Rajon Rondo was up for grabs at the trade deadline for the right price to a few targeted teams:
Rondo becomes an unrestricted free agent after next season but the Celtics are probably going to try to sign him to a significant sum but less than the max before this happens.

Rondo loves the Celtic organization and I think relishes the opportunity to be the face of the franchise.

Not to mention, with his current surrounding cast, even with a high draft pick, teams may be hesitant to pay him the max because in all probability the Celtics are still not going to be all that good next season.

Hence, the overplayed, he was only really good because he played with three Hall of Famers knock could still linger.

Which is a rationale that really makes no sense because Carmelo's Knicks are not very good but because of his scoring outbursts he could definitely demand the max if that's what he wants this off season.

Rondo's just not as visible because he's a distributor, not a scorer, even though ultimately that may be a much more important skill set to a team's success especially long term.

Rondo also saw Avery Bradley roll the dice by not accepting the extension offered by the Celtics this past summer. Bradley now might be very lucky to get the money Boston originally offered him unless he dazzles the rest of the season due to receiving the "injury prone" tag.

Hence, this is exactly what I see happening. The Celtics and Rondo come to terms this summer for something below the max which Rajon will be fine with anyway because it will give the Boston organization more opportunity to surround him with the talent to go after Banner 18.

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