The ESPN Draft Lottery tool just made me throw up

The ESPN NBA tools continue to get more and more fun to play with. The NBA trade machine is the greatest non-Google created internet doohicky I've ever used. They could market it as a time machine because that's what it is. You log on there to see what exactly what you could get for Jeff Green and next thing you know, it's six hours later.

The new draft lottery tool is just as time consuming and addictive. I've used it twice. The first time I played the lottery, the Celtics wound up with the first pick and Jabari Parker. Hard to top that so I decided to quit. Until just now.

I tried my luck again and came up snake eyes. Big time.

Is there anything more horrifying than that?

Joel Embiid is a freak athlete that basketball analysts are comparing to Hakeem Olajuwon. Currently Embiid is in the top spot on Chad Ford's big board above Andrew Wiggins, Julius Randle, and Jabari Parker. The most intriguing thing about Embiid is that he's only been playing basketball for four years. Four years! All the talent in the world just waiting to be molded into a beast in the middle.

And there's a chance he could end up in purple and gold. Vomit inducing thought.

I have been anti-tanking this entire season, but this cannot happen. C'mon, Danny! To paraphrase Bill Simmons, time to shit the beed for Embiid.