Rajon Rondo says he'll be back before the All Star break (February 16th)

Rajon Rondo spoke to the media today, and while he was his normal coy self when it comes to any new information on his recovery, he did give his firmest timetable yet on when he'll return from his knee injury — some point before the NBA All-Star break (courtesy Baxter Holmes).

The All-Star game is February 16th this season, with the Celtics playing their last game before the break on February 12th against the Spurs at home. So barring something unforeseen, at some point in the next 33 days Rondo will make his return.

But don't count on it being in time for the January 26th reunion game with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Although don't count it out either (courtesy Jay King).

King later corrected the last part of the tweet to "before or after". In other words, Rondo is saying he won't make his return that night, but he may already be back, or may not be at all. So yea, Rondo likes screwing with the media.

Here are some other Rondo thoughts.

Rondo underwent ACL reconstruction on February 13th of last year, so we're about to pass the 11 month mark. It looks like he'll almost definitely make his comeback less than a year from the surgery date, which is right on the outer edge of a normal recovery (and obviously with the Celtics rebuilding, they've taken a conservative route - as they should).

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