MarShon Brooks does his best Fab Melo impression in the D-League

Last night MarShon Brooks put up 27 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists while shooting 9-18 from the floor (3-4 3PT) in is debut with the Maine Red Claws.  But before all the Brooks fans come out of the woodwork and say "Look what he can do!  All he needs is playing time!  Blah blah blah..." let me remind you of the D-League exploits of one Fab Melo.  Just over a year ago, on 12/22/12 Melo posted a ridiculous triple double of 15 points,16 rebounds, and 14 blocks (destroying the league record for blocks in a game).  Four days later he again exploded with a Red Claws stat line of 32 points, 9 rebounds, and 9 blocks.

Unfortunately for Melo, by the time the Orlando summer league rolled around he couldn't even stay on the floor with a bunch of NBA has-beens and wannabes, getting badly outplayed by Kelly Olynyk (and even Colton Iverson).  He didn't have the second year of his rookie contract picked up (virtually unheard of for a first round draft pick), and was traded away by Boston for basically nothing.  After brief training camp stops in Memphis and Dallas he's now out of the league.

I realize that unlike Melo, Brooks has had some mild NBA success in the past.  But as we saw last night, the Celtics are not a particularly good basketball team right now.  If Brooks could play, he would be playing... and not in Maine.

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