KG has more boards per minute than any of his seasons in Boston

As if there was ever any doubt or evidence needed that Kevin Garnett is the consummate professional a crazy stat comes out to further solidify this reputation.

According to Alex Raskin at the Wall Street Journal Garnett has been an absolute beast on the boards for Brooklyn this season:
But on a per-minute basis, Garnett is rebounding more this season than in any of his years in Boston. In fact, he has the highest defensive rebounding rate—the percentage of missed shots that a player rebounds on defense—in the NBA (31%).

And as far as his defensive impact is concerned, the Nets are pretty much hopeless without him.

Entering Tuesday, the Nets had yielded 6.1 fewer points per 100 defensive possessions when Garnett had been on the floor. Surprisingly enough, the Celtics were just 4.2 points better per 100 defensive possessions while Garnett was marching toward his 2008 defensive player of the year award.

The Nets have won eight of their last nine and Garnett's leadership has obviously been tantamount along with the Nets becoming healthy to this turn around.

A Hall of Famer who is willing to sacrifice minutes and shot attempts all in the name of team basketball.

To demonstrate his value, Garnett sat out the one loss in the last nine which was a game in Toronto, who admittedly have been playing good basketball, to rest.

Some of his highlights during the last nine games include seven rebounds in a win at Oklahoma City, 13 points and five rebounds as well as some some key plays down the stretch to disrupt a ten game winning streak by Golden State and 12 points and 10 boards in a win over the world champion Miami Heat.

The Nets have turned things around at exactly the right time as well considering they visit Boston this Sunday and there should be an absolute electric ovation awaiting both him and Paul Pierce.

To review: Kevin Garnett is the man.

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