Brandon Bass says LeBron "got a bunch of calls"

After Tuesday's 93-86 loss to the Miami Heat, Brandon Bass decided to unleash a very well kept league secret.

Well, yea. That's just the way this league is. James gets calls. Kevin Durant gets calls. Paul George gets calls. You get the picture. All of the league's elite get calls.

And before anyone cries foul, don't forget for years Kevin Garnett was pretty much allowed to maul the guy he was defending, until his skills started to decline.

On the flip side, Avery Bradley picked up a ton of fouls when he first came in the league until the refs figured out he's actually a great defender.

This is the way the league wants it. It wants its stars to get special treatment and its rookies to pay their dues. Frustrating as it may be, anyone who truly gets upset about the calls or lack of calls probably is a fan of a team that has no superstars. Or their just blind to the calls their team is getting.

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