Did the Celtics miss their best opportunity to trade Jordan Crawford?

Like the rest of the Boston Celtics Jordan Crawford has been slumping lately.

In his last 11 games Crawford is averaging 12.3 PPG on 35% FG overall and an eye opening 21% on 3 pointers.

This is in stark contrast to how he started out the season in his first 24 games: 14.2 PPG, 46% FG, and 40% 3 PT.

Crawford was playing so well in fact writers on this site and otherwise were talking about him being a legitimate All-Star this season.

The question then begs to be asked: Did the Celtics miss their opportunity to trade Jordan Crawford at his highest value?

My answer: I don't think so.

In fact, if all the stars align this slump could ultimately be good for Crawford as well as the Celtic organization in the long run.

The reason I say this is I like Jordan Crawford, I always have. However, I've always felt he would make a great sixth man for the Celtics providing instant offense off the bench in a role where he plays 20 to 25 minutes a game.

As I've stated before, not dissimilar to what Jamal Crawford does for the Clippers in Los Angeles and what Vinnie Johnson "The Microwave" did for those great Detroit Pistons teams of the last 80s.

Crawford's a scorer. It's in his DNA and that's just who he is. That he's filled in so adeptly for Rajon Rondo considering the circumstances should be admired but he's not a starting point guard in this league.

He's at his best when he's just looking for shots in rhythm and at times shooting the ball with impunity.

Ultimately, much like Avery Bradley, I think his time at point will be beneficial to his overall game and his ability to create for himself and teammates off the dribble.

Also, since his playing has come down to earth hopefully he nor his agent will overvalue him. As a result, he should be anxious to resign with Boston at a reasonable salary to continue to be a part of the organization and play for Brad Stevens.

The same concept applies to Avery Bradley although his numbers have continued to be very solid since he was replaced by Crawford at PG.

Celtic fans can only hope Avery sees the big picture this off season in free agency and understands he's an important piece in the Celtics future and that he not just jump ship for more money on a lesser team like so many players have done in the past.

Crawford's future with the Celtics is also a big reason why I don't see a future for Jerryd Bayless with the C's.

Bayless is hoping for some stability with the Celtics but I think he was acquired purely for his expiring contract.

Moving forward Crawford, not Bayless, will be the player, as Gary Washburn from the Boston Globe said yesterday:
the Celtics haven’t had since the heyday of Eddie House, a shooter who can score in bunches off the bench.

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