Crawford and Brooks traded to Warriors in 3 team deal; Celtics get Anthony and picks from Heat

The Boston Celtics were involved in a three way trade Wednesday afternoon with the Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors. Here is how it all shook down:

Danny Ainge strikes again, but this trade seems like it could turn out to be a gamble. Boston obviously loses Crawford and Brooks to the Warriors, who get a great deal here. Boston's return on them, salary wise, is Joel Anthony who has a player option next season for $3.8 million, which he would be crazy not to accept.

Boston also gets one second round pick for sure, but it could end up being three. Philadelphia will almost certainly be selecting in the lottery this season, so Boston will not get that pick. If Philly misses the playoffs again next season, Boston will never see that first rounder. The pick would simply turn into Philly's 2015 and 2016 second rounders.

Much like the Jerryd Bayless/Courtney Lee trade, this deal has nothing to do with basketball. Celtics fans can be big 76ers fans next season, because if they can make a playoff push, Boston will have the rights to yet another first round pick.

If that does not happen, Boston will have to hope they can hit on one of those three second rounders to make the trade worth while. If not, keep an eye on Ainge using some of the picks in trades to dump off even more players, or even buying out Anthony's contract all together at some point.

Overall this is a good trade right now, with potential to be an even better trade if the 76ers can find their way into the playoffs in 2015. The best part? There are even more trades to come! What are your thoughts?

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