Celtics complete worst month in team history

How's a lotto pick sound, Danny?
The avid tank supporters can rejoice as the Celtics rounded out their worst month in history by dropping 94-95 to Sixers.

Evan Turner laid in his buzzer beater to conclude Boston's 17th and final game of January. Of those 17 games, Boston lost a whopping 15--good for the largest total of L's in a single month in Boston Celtic history.

As Rich Levine of CSNNE notes, the 2006-2007 Celts lost 18 games in a row, but the games were spread over two months. They never lost more than 14 games in a month.

The '96-'97 Celts finished the season with an abysmal 15-67 record, and posted double digit losses in every month except April. Regardless, their month-high in losses never topped 14.

As many have speculated, there may still be trades coming, which means this team could feasibly become worse. All it takes is the removal of Jeff Green, Brandon Bass or Avery Bradley from the equation and the C's lose somewhere between 11 and 17 points per game.

Evidently, it looks as though there won't be too much success to watch for in the 2013-2014 green team. In the mean time, wipe the saliva off your face and put your tongue back in your mouth while you dream of Embiid, Wiggins, Parker and the like.

Watch the replay of what Ainge does to the Sixer tank as the Celts pass Philly to become a bottom three team: