Afternoon Delight: Humph Hangs with Animals

After the C's limped through a dubious 2-15 January, Green Street's Ben Rohrbach wondered how the team is handling all the losing.  Here are a few of the responses he got through his interviews:
“I think we have a good set of guys in here that keeps our morale at a good level,” said Jared Sullinger. “We constantly come out and compete, other than [Tuesday] night, and we bounced back tonight and competed.”
“Our back’s against the wall,” said Gerald Wallace. “We’ve got to keep fighting. A game like this kind of lets you know where you stand. … There’s nowhere to go but up from here. We’ve just got to continue. It just seems like when things start going bad, they really go bad for you. It seems like everything that can go wrong goes wrong for you, and it did tonight. I think our energy and our effort was a little better than it was in the New York game, but it just still seemed like we were a step behind them.”
“I don’t know what it is exactly, but we were three games out of the playoffs I think a couple games ago, so we could get hot,” said Jerryd Bayless. “There’s still a possibility we could get hot. You never know. With Rondo coming back, with a lot of the guys getting healthy and everything, there’s still a chance. We’ve just got to continue to play together and hopefully that situation will happen.”

The most interesting response came from Humph:
“What do you do?” said Kris Humphries. “If you have animals, you go home and hang out with them.”

With all the losses incurred in January, we're guessing Humph spent a lot of time hanging with animals:

Humph and his Dr. Doolittle impression

"What up, goat?"  I wonder if Humph nailed Wahlberg's Southie accent as well as Andy Samberg

Not enough animals to hang with?  Humph will find more.

Too much Humph makes Grumpy Cat grumpier

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