Adrian Wojnarowski on Pierce and Garnett's Return

Apparently not content with the amount of tears that came down the eyes of Celtics fans last night, Adrian Wojnarowski came out this morning with a full attack on your heart strings in his latest article. Which you should absolutely read, or at least put on your calendar with a note of 'Read this when you're more emotionally prepared to read more about Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.'

In the interim, I'll post a few highlights. I'd give you more, but much like last night, the words just aren't coming out easily for me:

This was one of the best nights you'll ever witness in sports. There's less and less left of this kind of connection, this kind of bond between ball players and cities. In these cynical and transient sports times, here was a night to believe in the power of these sporting relationships. "This was the toughest game I've ever had to play," Pierce confessed. "Tougher than any championship game, tougher than any Game 7."

Tough, right? Now try this quote from Jeff Twiss on for size:

"I told Kevin this, and I still believe it: I only wish Red had been around here for Kevin. Oh, they would've loved each other. Red would've loved the way Kevin played, and Kevin would've sat there and listened to Red's philosophies all day long."

You can take a break if you'd like. Maybe open up another tab, and come back to this. Did you know they're selling a Sad Keanu Reeves toy? That's kinda funny, right? No? You want more of this to eat at your heart, and make you cry at your cubicle, making everybody around you uncomfortable?

Fine. Here's a tidbit from Doc Rivers:

"It was incredible. I have no idea how they're playing. The coolest part of the night was when they showed the lady crying in the crowd. Well, that lady was JoJo White's wife. It exemplifies what that franchise is about: a family."

For those who weren't at the game, that woman was more heavily featured on the big screen (and eventually given 'fan of the game'). Making it outright impossible for anyone who was trying to still keep it together.

Go back and read it. Heck, it's so great I'll even re-link the story. There's more incredible stuff in there, including some really, really cool things that Pierce did for the staff when he was here. When you think it can't get better, it just does. Simply amazing.

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