The Brooklyn version of Paul Pierce is open to coming off the bench

Paul Pierce, ever the great guy, was always willing to give it up for the good of the team.

Whether it was getting his teeth knocked out and playing the next day, or having both of his knees destroyed (I still believe!) and then dominating a finals series, he would sacrifice whatever was necessary for that W.

Of course, he never did it off the bench with the Celtics but that's not something the now 36 year old Pierce is willing to cross off the list in his first year as a Brooklyn Net.

A. Sherrod Blakely, CSNNE:
While there are no indications that Pierce will be coming off the bench anytime soon for the Brooklyn Nets, Pierce indicated it is something that he's open to doing if asked.

"I'm not a selfish player," Pierce said following Monday's practice. "If it's something that's best for the team and it's going to help us to win ball games, whatever it is."

Pierce hasn't been quite the super star we've grown to love in Boston while he's been in Brooklyn.

Pierce has career lows across the board. Points (12.4), field goal percentage (36.8%), three-point shooting (26.8%) and also minutes (29.1 minutes per game). Also, the Nets are 6-14. So, maybe being a sixth man could provide him a little boost?

Of course, the ever confident Pierce undoubtedly believes he can turn this season around, and Boston fans know that he's more than capable. Still, if that bench role ever seems appealing to him, I wouldn't mind him coming back to Boston to help out our own championship run. Just saying.

Either way, Pierce won't be coming back to Boston anytime soon, and he says that he'll likely play tonight against the Celtics after missing time with a broken hand. Struggling this year or not, he'll probably be pretty fired up to face his old team, for the first time ever.

I'm not expecting him to look like a guy that should be coming off the bench in this game, and neither should you.