Source: Lee, Wallace and Humphries are all on the trade market

Source: Al Bello/Getty Images North America
This Celtics season is about one third of the way through and for most fans this team has been playing way above expectations. But hold on to your butts, trades are coming. According to Bleacher Report, a source close to the Celtics is saying that they’re “going to make a lot of moves in the next year” with Courtney Lee, Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries on the trade market. Trade Watch… the mood is tense.

But what can you get for these guys? Not much. Probably a similar haul that Monix was traded for in Semi-Pro. All joking aside, these guys have to have some value to another team. They most likely will be moved for young pieces and picks with not much value as their contracts (besides Hump) aren't very friendly. Danny Ainge did say today that the play-offs were not a goal, but maybe they can be.

Why not try and package these guys in some fashion with picks and/or young talent, for another piece that will give them a better shot? Make a run at Melo, Kevin Love or another legit player who’s going to be a free agent and not willing to resign with their current team. Love has a player option for the 2015-16 season and has made it clear that he’s leaning towards free agency; I know it’s a pipe-dream but still.

I think this team can make some noise in the playoffs if they add a solid piece without giving up any of the Rondo, Bradley, Crawford and Sullinger (maybe Jeff Green) core. But if Danny can’t get a legit piece for these guys he NEEDS to move them for something… anything… at least a washing machine.

Source: Bleacher Report NBA Trade Talk

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