Rajon Rondo, good! from three point range.

Any Celtic fan who has watched Rajon Rondo since he first came into the league can recall the progression of his jumpshot.

His first few years teams would actually play off him and allow him easy fifteen footers because he struggled so badly.

Since then, he's improved a lot and become an adept mid-range shooter which obviously has immensely opened up his penetration game.

What has always been a mystery to Celtic fans is why he could make three pointers with the shot clock or game clock winding down but then would never spot up for them in rhythm in normal game times.

Well, apparently, those shots were no fluke and Rondo now has consistent three point range, at least in practice.

This according to Boston sportswriter Jessica Camerato:

If Rondo has the 3 ball in his repertoire when he comes back, look out.

He'll be dropping dimes, after a quick pump fake on his defender, for threes and dunks to his teammates all over the floor and could even increase his assist rate if that's possible.

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