Jordan Crawford takes a shot (I think?) at Bill Simmons on twitter

Following the Celtics ridiculous 114-73 win over the Knicks this afternoon, Cs guard Jordan Crawford took to twitter to drop this shot (maybe) at Bill Simmons.

Now you might be wondering..why the hell is Crawford dropping what equates to a "you mad bro" on Simmons? Well, Jay King of Mass Live has an idea (via @Celtsin4 on twitter).

Seems like Crawford was holding in some resentment regarding that tweet for some time. Or possibly it was in regards to Simmons very "pro-tanking" attitude, as he has been a clear advocate of the Celts losing as many games as possible to give themselves a chance at an elite draft pick.

So we don't know for sure..but J-Craw was definitely sending some kind of message with the tweet.

It's got to be sweet for Crawford, who many viewed as one of the worst players on the roster to begin the season, to have such a profound impact on the Cs unexpected success.

After an 0-4 start Crawford was inserted into the starting line-up and the Celts really haven't looked back. They're 10-8 since then with Crawford averaging 15 PPG, 6 APG, 3.5 RPG and 1 SPG. He's seemingly transformed his game from shoot first combo guard to team first point guard. Not sure how it happened..but it has been the single biggest reason for the teams' success. One thing that will be interesting is how Crawford handles a return to the bench once Rondo returns. He's a guy who thrives with a big time usage rate..something that won't be as easy to get playing 15-20 minutes per game off the bench. But that's a worry for another day. For now we can just sit back and enjoy Steez's unexpected run of success.

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