Game Recap: Celtics defeat Knicks 114-73

How ‘bout them Celtics? In a game that kept Madison Square Garden silent for the vast majority of Sunday afternoon, the Celtics soundly defeated the Knicks on Sunday 114-73.

From the tip-off to the final buzzer, the Celtics controlled this game. Jumping out to a 20 point lead which they held for virtually the entire game, the C’s looked great at both ends of the floor.

Holding the Knicks to a nearly single digit effort, the C’s closed the first 34-11. Boston shot 54% from the field, went 5-for-7 from three and were a perfect 5-for-5 at the line. The Knicks shot 22%.

Offensively, the Celtics looked like world-beaters. Defensively, the Celtics had a harder time with the refs than they did with the Knicks. Despite a lot of questionable fouls that had the even-keeled Brad Stevens looking flustered, the Celtics maintained a 27 point lead going into halftime.

Jeff Green lead all scorers with 14 points and was soon joined in double digits by teammates Jared Sullinger and Jordan Crawford with 12 and 11 respectively. The Celtics were all over the glass, outrebounding the Knicks 28-14. Yikes.

Extending their lead to 40 going into the fourth quarter, things started to breakdown. “Chippiness” started to become a factor in the second half with more aggressive looking fouls flying and technical being handed out. Normally, I’d say techs are bad, but the C’s took every opportunity to let the Knicks know they were there and not budging.

Offensively, Crawford made the hoop look like he was firing shots into the ocean; a career high 6 three-pointers for JC. Defensively, Bass pushed the Knicks around up and down the floor. After extending the lead to over 40, the Knicks relied on three-point shot attempts and flagrent looking fouls to slow down Boston.

While the Knicks have certainly been bitten by the injury bug and trades are looming in the Big Apple, that doesn’t change the fact that the Celtics came to play this afternoon and looked like they were defending the World Heavyweight Championship more than the Atlantic Division lead. The Celtics starters ended the game with 89 points to the Knicks starters 28. Yowza.

A great way to close out the weekend for Celtics fans worldwide.

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