Green Envy: What Knicks fans said - 12/8

From the opening tip to the final buzzer, the Celtics handled the Knicks all the live-long day. Jordan Crawford had a game high three-point shooting day, Brandon Bass continues to impress, and the Celtics are playing well no matter what five men are on the floor. With the Atlantic Division and Eastern Conference a complete mess, and a record still below .500, the Celtics are paying no mind to critics and continue to play as if Banner 18 is a real option in the 2013-14 season.


If Carmelo Anthony left NY for a better team, I would not be mad at him.

Melo: "What Boston came in here and did was an embarrassment. To lose like that on our home court... everyone should be pissed off.”

The Knicks looked like they were out partying all night and came directly from the club


I promise to refrain from trolling my Knicks...for now. 41 points?! Against Boston? Good gahd.

Well that was embarrassing. Absolutely shocking. It's just a mess. Can't help to blame it all on those orange jersey's.

I think the Mike Woodson era may end tomorrow after today's Knicks performance. Losing by 41 at home to Celtics?

Felton: "We didn't have a bad effort. Those guys hit shots." WTF??!?!?!

The Knicks are now 0-6 in their new orange uniforms; 5-8 otherwise. They're also 0-9 when allowing triple digits in points; 5-5 otherwise.

Did we really just here JR Smith blame the start time for the Knicks loss? The Celtics can play at noon?

People who purchased tix to today's Knicks game should be reimbursed or given tix to a future home game

Win back to back by 30 and then lose by 40 only the Knicks

I think the countdown can begin on Mike Woodson's firing. tick, tick, tick. Can't fire the team, though they should

Same old story....Woody saying it's on him that the team isn't ready to play from the start, and yet same result

Man....Woodson has to go, trade Melo, cut Amare and eat his salary.....burn it down....BURN IT DOWN!

Nice of the Knicks to take another Sunday off. Sunday games should be free for the rest of the year. This is a normal MSG Sunday afternoon

Nothing worse than losing to Boston. Those orange jerseys are a curse

The NYK only saving grace, and Woodson's, is that BK has stunk this year. If they were better, Woodson would have been gone

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