Why Rondo Isn't Going to New York Anytime Soon

Over the weekend trade rumors surfaced that the New York Knicks were interested in Rajon Rondo. The rumors pretty understandably were met with a resounding 'no thanks' from Celtics nation, and a straight out denial from President of Basketball Operations, Danny Ainge.

But I suspect some of you are like me, and you'd like to take a deeper dive into it because:

1. I want assurance that Rondo isn't on the move for such a small return.

2. It's always fun review how much a mess the New York Knicks are.

And oh boy, are those expectations ever met. After a few years of tranquility under Donnie Walsh, the Knicks have re-emerged as the Knicks we've all come to know and despise.

Remember the Carmelo Anthony trade? The Nuggets are still collecting; Denver will receive New York's first round pick this coming summer. They'd also have the right to swap picks in the first round of the 2016 draft if the Knicks hadn't traded that pick this past summer to acquire Andrea Bargnani, and his world renown defense.

One has to think that only the Ted Sepien rule, forbidding teams from going consecutive years without a first round pick has the Knicks holding onto their own 2015 pick at this point. And because of the rule, the Knicks can't give us that pick (nor their 2017 first) unless they were to acquire another first round pick. So to be ultra clear; at the moment, the Knicks LIT-erally can't give us a first round pick before 2018.

Not that second round picks would really swing the deal, but it's also worth noting that the Knicks owe their own 2014 second round pick to Houston (but do own Sacramento's), their 2015 second round pick to Houston, their 2016 second round pick to Sacramento, and their 2017 pick to Toronoto.

Well then, what about expiring contracts? Not so fast, kimosabe. The Knicks don't have anything substantial coming off the books until next season. Here's a look at their books, courtesy of ShamSports

The color purple indicates 'player option' something I'm guessing that Amare Stoudemire and Andrea Bagrnani are likely to exercise. So while the Knicks can ease the pain of Gerald Wallace's contract in an Amare trade, they can't do anything as far as taking on other long term contracts the Celtics may want to dispose of, such as Courtney Lee and/or Brandon Bass.

With that in mind, here's the best the Knicks would seem to be able to offer us:

Essentially, one year relief from Gerald Wallace and Courtney Lee (whose 5.5 million dollar contract is arguably valuable)'s contracts, not fat at the moment Raymond Felton, a C-level prospect in Tim Hardaway Jr and Iman Shumpert; a very good prospect, who has the disadvantage of having the exact same skill set as a player the Celtics already have in Avery Bradley.

In other words - cue the Nappy Roots

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