Wallace talks about his league phone call over dropping F-bomb after Rockets blowout

After the Celtics got destroyed by Houston Tuesday night, Gerald Wallace had some colorful language expressing his confusion over what just happened.

Well the league didn't care much for his word choice and fined him $10,000. Following Boston's loss to San Antonio Wednesday night, Wallace talked about his phone call with the league over the fine.

From the Boston Herald:

“They read to me what I said,” Wallace said, “and then just told me, ‘OK then, well, we understand you’re having a rough season. Hope your season gets better,’ and hung up the phone.”

According to the veteran, there was really no room for rebuttal.

“Nah, they ain’t hearing that,” said Wallace before the C’s 104-93 loss to the Spurs last night. “They called to confirm, make sure ‘Is this what you said? OK, cool.’ They didn’t call me back five minutes later, like, ‘Oh, my bad, I got the wrong number.’ ”

As for an explanation, Wallace said, “They said something about the league was, I don’t know, family friendly or friendly family or something. I said, ‘OK.’ ”

Wallace, who by the end of this season will have made more than $80 million in his career, didn’t seem fazed by the penalty.

“Depends on who you are and what happens, so just deal with it and move on,” he said. “It does (bother him), but the thing about it is about this league ain’t nothing you can do about it. So ain’t no need to howl about it. You’ve just got to move on and watch what you say. Lesson learned, huh?

Something tells me this is far from the last we've heard from Wallace. He's been pretty outspoken so far in the first few weeks of the season and it's hard to see the team all of a sudden churning out wins to make him happy. Wallace still has plenty to offer the young guys on the roster in terms of effort and energy. Hopefully all this losing doesn't cause him to shut down. Keep talking Gerald, at the very least it shows you still care.

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