Remember the (city where the) Alamo (took place)...because that's where Jared Sullinger had a career breakout game

Jared Sullinger was easily the best big man on the floor during The Celts 104-93 loss to The Spurs in San Antonio last night.

This, according to Marc D'amico at
Tim Duncan who?

No offense to the future Hall of Famer, but Jared Sullinger was the best big man on the floor Wednesday night in San Antonio.

And it wasn’t even close.

Sullinger was unstoppable at the AT&T Center after being called upon by Brad Stevens for his first start of the season. Stevens left Sullinger on the court for 31-plus minutes and the big man delivered game highs of 19 points and 17 rebounds.

After a rocky start, having been suspended for the first game of the season due to a dismissed domestic violence charge; "Sully" has been nothing short of great all year which was punctuated by yesterday's performance.

To illustrate, he is averaging an impressive just under 15 rebounds and just over 27 points per 48 minutes this season.

As, I've stated previously: The future's so bright...for The Boston the power forward position...gotta wear shades.

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