Tonight's the home opener, how much will I be paying to watch each Celtic play?

Phil Pressey gets a somewhat surprising $5 of my ticket price.

The Celtics will take the floor at the TD Garden tonight for the first time this year, and for me it'll be the 7th straight home opener I've attended as a season ticket holder.  Unlike the previous six however, this time around I'm questioning whether or not I made a wise investment.  With that in mind, I've decided to break down player by player (and coach) what I'll be getting in entertainment value for my $70 tickets.  For example, Rajon Rondo is the franchise, and an absolute pleasure to watch.  If he was healthy I'd say he'd probably account for $25 of the $70 price.  But since he won't be on the court this evening, and there is no timetable set for his return, I've decided to leave Rondo off of this list altogether.  Here's how the rest of the team rates on my watch-ability scale:

$12 Jeff Green - He's likely to be the leading scorer, and from time to time he'll throw down dunks that very few players in the league are capable of.

$9 Avery Bradley - His on ball defense is among the best there is, and once a game he'll pick the opposing point guard's pocket for an easy bucket on the other end.

$8 Jared Sullinger - I'd really like to value Sullinger a little higher, but the things he does best (working hard and banging bodies down low, offensive boards, put backs) often aren't all that exciting.

$8 Kelly Olynyk - The rookie's game is very intriguing; not too many guys will shoot a three, post up on the block, and lead a fast break in successive possessions.

$6 Brad Stevens - Yeah I know nobody really watches the coach, but I'm curious to see if all his statistical analysis will pay off.  At Butler he had great success with minimal talent, can any of that translate to the Celtics?

$5 Phil Pressey - This is probably way too high for the backup point guard who may barely see the floor, especially once Rondo returns.  But the little guy has impressed me so far and I'm eager to see if he can actually develop into a serviceable NBA player.

$5 Vitor Faverani - Who would have thought the random foreign big guy signing would end up grabbing the starting center spot opening night?  "El hombre indestructible" already had the makings of being a crowd favorite even before this happened.

$4 Jordan Crawford - The thing about Crawford is, even though he can be a disaster waiting to happen, just about everything he does is fairly entertaining.  Occasionally those 27 foot threes with 18 seconds left on the shot clock will go in.

$4 Gerald Wallace - If you'd asked me a month ago I'd have put Wallace at the bottom of this list, but his somewhat encouraging preseason has me wondering if he'll become a significant contributor.

$4 Kris Humphries - He's in the same boat as Jared Sullinger, but without the youth and potential.

$2 Brandon Bass - It's probably a little unfair to have Bass this low, but the problem is I'm just bored of him.  More often that not he won't do much to stand out, and he doesn't have that "curious to see what he can be" factor that the new guys do.

$2 Courtney Lee - See above.

$1 MarShon Brooks - Some fans think Brooks has the potential to develop into a legit scoring threat, but I don't see it (and apparently neither do the Celtics, who yesterday declined to pick up his $2.18 million option for next year).  I expect him to be buried on the pine ahead of just one other guy...

$0 Keith Bogans - He may have the best job in the entire league this season, making just over $5 million to be the last guy on the end of the bench.  Even though I know his ridiculous contract helped Boston get the most they could out of the Brooklyn deal, I can't allow for any of my ticket cost to contribute to it.

So there you have it, $70 in total.  We'll see if I'm getting my money's worth...

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