The NBA is going with some really weird uniforms for Christmas Day

These pictures first started circulating around the internet yesterday, originating from an ebay account by the name of "erikdeals."  Last night ran a story confirming that they are in fact the official 2013 Christmas Day jerseys.  The league did not comment however (nor did Adidas), and was not intending to reveal them until later this month.  Oddly enough the Celtics aren't scheduled this Christmas, but somehow they got one anyway.  Tradition maybe?  Or just because they're green?

As you can see, rather than the team name and a number on the front the unis have a large logo instead.  The backs will still have the player's name and number as usual though.  Oh yeah, and they have sleeves; with a number on the side to boot.  To me these things look like a combination of hockey, soccer, and indoor girls volleyball jerseys.  Honestly I think they're kind of cool and will probably sell quite well, which is all the NBA really cares about.

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