[Photo] Rajon Rondo Plays 1 on 1

Provided he's not on his way to Dallas for Shane Larkin and 3 Meal Boxes from Taco Bell, this appears to be some great news.

Over the weekend stories had emerged that Rajon Rondo had taken a few steps forward, partaking in 5 on 0 drills as well as playing 1 on 1. Of course that was met with a great deal of skepticism from the friend you kind of secretly hate, who said 'pics or didn't happen' and then went back to watching 'Tosh.0' when you informed him of the news.

Well now, courtesy of Gary Washburn's twitter account, you can really rub it in that guy's face. Because as you can see above, it did in fact happen tonight in Charlotte.

If you'd like to really like to go over the top with it, here's a fantastic version of the 80's smash hit 'One one One' performed by Cee Lo Green and Daryl Hall to play while you show him the picture. That'll teach him:

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