KG adds another classic to basketball commercial marketing lexicon

Kevin Garnett is already involved in two of my favorite marketing spots involving basketball. My all time favorite is the NBA commercial underscored by Badfinger's "Day after Day" where fans around the Boston area get the news that "The Big Ticket" is on his was to Boston.

I'm also quite fond of this Nike spot featuring Penny Hardaway that mentions KG at the end.

I always loved Penny and this commercial but another reason I'm so nostalgic with this piece is I was able to interview Penny quite a few years back when he came to The Suns.

During the interview, Penny got sidetracked with another obligation so I was shooting around on the Suns floor waiting for him prior to a preseason tilt against The Clippers.

The Clips began wandering out to the floor to practice and I was shooting really well but finally missed one and Dennis Johnson, who was an assistant with The Clippers at the time, shouted short and smiled at me.

One of the coolest things ever. The player Larry Bird called the best he ever played with and I just shared a basketball moment.

Anyhow, back to KG.

It looks as though Garnett has a new classic to add to the impressive basketball marketing commercial lexicon. The new ad is for Beats by Dre Studio Wireless Headphones and features a contemplative Garnett tuning out all the doubters.

David Gianatasio of ADWEEK elaborates:
"Hear what you want" is the theme of this intense, nearly three-minute Beats by Dre spot starring Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Garnett, who's shown using the brand's wireless studio headphones to cancel out angry, often ugly catcalls from fans on game day. Haters viscously taunt him for being too old, at 37, to lead the team to a championship, and the racist epithet from a red-capped rowdy around the 55-second mark—he calls the power forward a "gorilla motherfucker"—is especially jarring. Aloe Blacc's uplifting, anthemic track "The Man" works well as a counterpoint, and the fact that Garnett and the Nets have stumbled badly out of the gate this season adds power and poignance. I'll be rooting for K.G. to tune out the static and make some noise the rest of the way.

Even though, I am more of a Tears for Fears fan, the commercial is beautifully done, and, as Gianatasio stated, "The Man" effectively underlies all the The Nets are up against especially at this point in the season.

Having said that, although I am a great lover of music, I personally won't be getting these wondrous technological marvels any time soon considering the Beats by Dre Studio Wireless Headphones retail for: $379.99.

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