Danny Ainge: Jeff Green is no go to guy

While talking recently to the Boston Herald, Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge expressed his realistic expectations for Jeff Green. Ainge made it clear in the process that he does not see Green as a top option (quote courtesy of Mass Live's Jay King):

"If we expect Jeff to be the focal point and to turn into Kevin Durant or LeBron James or even Paul Pierce, I think that we’re putting unrealistic expectations on him.”
More from Ainge:
“I think Jeff needs to become a better shooter — a more consistent shooter — to take on a role like that,” Ainge said. “I think (he) has shown signs of having the makeup to be a great offensive player, but not consistently, so hopefully he can get more consistent at that. But I’m way more concerned about Jeff defending and rebounding, and not necessarily being more of an offensive player and forcing the ball in his hands. I’m more concerned about him being (one) of our better wing defenders and becoming a better rebounder.”

Good call here by Ainge. Like I have been saying, I like Jeff Green - but acknowledge him for what he is. On a championship caliber team, Green is a third option or your key bench player, not your Paul Pierce.

Your best player, in a league like the NBA, simply can't disappear like Green did saturday night in Minnesota: two points (0-6 shooting), seven rebounds and one assist. One of your glorified role players can however, and that's exactly what Green is proving to be.

Sure, this may be tough for Green to hear coming from Ainge, but it's fair because it's true. What do you guys think of Ainge's comments? Fair of foul?

Source: Jay King, Mass Live

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