Ainge says Rondo is our guy

If we haven't nailed this topic home hard enough already, lets get it out of the way one last time. Danny Ainge plans on building around Rajon Rondo.

Here are Ainge's latest comments courtesy of ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg:

"Rondo is part of our future, we’ve been saying that since the time we made the big trade [with Brooklyn this summer],” Ainge said. “Players of his nature are very hard to acquire. When you see trade rumors out there for quarters on the dollar, you know that’s just a rumor, you don’t believe in that philosophy." 
Asked if he's received any calls regarding Rondo's availability this season, Ainge added, "I’ve gotten one call for Rondo and it was a very short conversation. 'Not interested, he’s our guy.' That’s it." 
Ainge later offered his weekly update on Rondo's rehab from ACL surgery. 
"Rondo’s doing well," said Ainge. "I still don’t have a time[table for] when he’s coming back, but he’s making progress. [The team is] back in town today, he’s been working hard on the road, playing 1-on-1 and mixing it up, light things -- I don’t think he’s gone full speed yet for very long. That’s the next stage, it's 5-on-5, a whole practice, and then it’ll probably be a week, two weeks after he starts that." 
Ainge couldn't be more clear that Rondo is here to stay. All you "trade Rondo" guys might as well just accept it and start looking at the best ways to get on board with it. Unless of course Ainge is yanking our chain here, which could be the case.

The rest of the team however (outside of probably Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk) is far from safe. Many of them will be in trade rumors worth listening to all year long. Rondo rumors however will just be white noise unless something really blows Ainge's mind.

Source: ESPN Boston

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