Who should be the Celtics opening night starters?

Although the buzz is not as strong as it once was in the years like the picture you see to your right, Boston Celtics opening night is upon us.

Expectations are low, but make no mistake, this Celtics season is as important as any in the sense that a new era is among us. How this "meaningless" season develops plays a huge roll in the direction this team goes in the future.

With that said, who starts for the Celtics to open the season Wednesday night in Toronto? Lets break this down in two fashions.

Who I think SHOULD start: 

  • PG - Phil Pressey: I have been pushing for Pressey to start in Rajon Rondo's absence since before training camp started. The preseason has only strengthened my belief that the best thing for this team is to start a TRUE point guard, and Pressey is the only healthy one on the roster. Not to mention he had a pretty impressive preseason. As Mike Gorman says: "good things happen when Phil Pressey is on the court".
  • SG - Avery Bradley: Now just because Pressey is in that does not mean Bradley is out. The off guard is Bradley's natural position and the spot he will be moving to when Rondo returns any way. Set Bradley up to succeed and play him where he is comfortable. 
  • SF - Jeff Green: It's close with Gerald Wallace, who has out preformed Green thus far. But Green deserves the chance to show what he can do in regular season action. He's the most talented player on the team until Rondo returns and he needs a chance to show that.
  • PF - Jared Sullinger: Yes he still needs to work himself into a little better shape. However rebounding and talent alone earn Sully this spot, especially on a rebuilding team. Give Sullinger the room to grow in his second year.
  • C - Vitor Faverani: I didn't see this one coming from a mile away a month ago, but much like Pressey, Vitor is the only true center on the team and has been fantastic in preseason. He really won the job last game Vs. the Nets: 28 minutes, 15 points, seven rebounds and six blocks. Give it a try, if it works Brad Stevens looks like a genius, if not you go to the next guy.
Who I think WILL start:

  • PG - Avery Bradley: Stevens has made it pretty clear that Avery will be the fill in until Rondo returns to his throne. Bradley should be moving to SG after that.
  • SG - Courtney Lee: Lee has sucked in preseason. However he is the safe move here, and Boston may want to put him on display as a trade piece. 
  • SF - Jeff Green: For the same reasons I said above. Stevens knows how talented Green is and is going to give him a shot at being the top dog on this team.
  • PF - Kris Humphries: Stevens has said many times he wants to go with size up front. Starting Hump at the 4 gives them that, not to mention Humphries has been well rounded so far. He should be a good anchor in the frontline. 
  • C - Vitor Faverani: Surprise. I think Stevens goes though with it. He said he wants size up front and here it is. Sullinger, Brandon Bass and Kelly Olynyk will be ready off the bench when Vitor stumbles... and there will be stumbles. 
So there's my guess... it's as good as any of yours. With that said, I think Stevens likes the trio of Wallace, Sullinger and Olynyk playing together, most likely off the bench. The SG spot is weak until Bradley moves over for Rondo, don't be surprised if MarShon Brooks is used there or Gerald Wallace starts with Jeff Green sometimes. After the All-Star break I would love to see Sullinger and Olynyk making starts together up front. What do you guys think, who would you start?

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