Wallace doesn't know what to expect this season

A lot of us fear the unknown. It often scares us into a form of depression. All of these questions are flowing through our minds this season, and there are things I want to say but I don't have the guts to. Yes the Celtics will probably win 4 games, maybe 5 games during the month of November. Reality has hit that this team won't make the playoffs. I felt the Celtics chances hinged on Rondo coming back opening night,and that's not happening so the Celtics who went 2-8 in the preseason face one of the roughest stretches in recent memory. As one would expect,the Celtics won't give in, and they'll play their hardest, because they don't know either how this season will pan out, or they won't won't look into the mirror and admit it.


So when Wallace says he doesn’t really know what to expect from this year’s Celtics, understand he does so with many years of zany experiences shaping his powers of prediction.

“I don’t know man. I honestly don’t know,” Wallace said after practice. “I’m looking for a surprise and hopefully it’s a good surprise. (Hopefully) we come out and understand the situation that we’re in, understand what we have to do as a team, as individuals, and start the season off on a good note.”
“It’s going to be exciting to see how the season starts off – to see how our guys are going to respond, especially to the first game in a situation like that; to see Coach Stevens in a real first NBA game and how he reacts, and how he responds,” said Wallace. “So it’s going to be intriguing and interesting to watch.”

He added, “We’ll find out Wednesday. I don’t know. We can sit here and speculate on anything that we think we’re going to be, or think we might want to be. But until we hit the court Wednesday and the real deal happens, we won’t know.”

Most teams face some of the same concerns. The Celtics don't know what to expect because nobody has been consistent for the most part. The one player that the Celtics needed to be consistent was Jeff Green, and he wasn't during the preseason. Things change once the season starts, but the fact remains the Celtics don't have a guy that can go out there and give you 20 a night. I'm not saying the Celtics need that to win games, but it helps. Jeff Green can give you 20 a night,but which night will he wake out of his slumber. I don't want the Celtics to tank, but they'll likely play for a lottery pick this season.Unless Rondo comes back in December, and if the Celtics can some how muster more than 5 wins in November.

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