Sullinger's suspension is more about what is expected of a Celtic and less about punishment

The Boston Celtics will open their season on October 30th in Toronto against the Raptors, but will do so without their power forward Jared Sullinger.

Due to his involvement in a domestic violence incident over the summer, a case that was dismissed earlier this week, the Celtics have levied a one game suspension against Sullinger- a move that the Celtics sophomore has no problem with.

“I totally understand. Honestly, we’re trying to build a culture around here, so I totally accept that one-game suspension,” he said after Tuesday's practice at the team facility.

The threat of league action against Sullinger may have led the team to take action, but according to Danny Ainge, this is more about setting an example of how the Celtics are expected to conduct themselves than it is about punishing Sullinger.

“We have higher expectations and standards, and it was a distraction to our team during an important time this summer," Ainge said. "That’s about all we’ll say about it.

“There’s a lot of thought that went into that, but there’s no science behind it. We’re trying to send a message, not just to Jared, but the rest of our players that their behavior has an effect on all of us.”

Sullinger and Ainge will be watching the season opener together in Waltham. When asked if they'll be watching the Red Sox in game 6 of the World Series, Ainge reassured reporters that they would be indeed as he has multiple TVs in his office.

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Source: Jay King; MassLive

Photo Source: AP Photo/Elise Amendola