Wallace and Brooks frustrated with Nets

MarShon Brooks gets his way being sent out of town - right back to where he started. 
The Boston Celtics falling to the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday night was one of the last page headlines from the matchup after the blockbuster trade the teams pulled off over the summer. Two story lines that came up were Gerald Wallace and MarShon Brooks expressing frustration towards how they were treated by the Nets.

Brooks has admitted that he wanted a trade from Brooklyn, and Wallace apparently was never even important enough to receive a phone call from the Nets front office after the trade. Here is more from Jay King of MassLive.com:
Here's Wallace: “(The Nets) have to point the finger at somebody like I was the guy to take the blame,” Wallace told the Daily News before Brooklyn’s 82-80 victory. “And that was the reason I was traded.” And Brooks: “Last year obviously we knew what was going on. It was so rocky, I didn’t know if I was playing. There just wasn’t any structure to any of my minutes,” Brooks said. “So it was kind of hard for me to perform under those circumstances and obviously I didn’t want to be in that situation next year.”
You can read the entire story on MarShon here from NY daily news.

I like MarShon Brooks a lot as a player. In the right situation he could thrive and hopefully Boston is the place. But falling out of the rotation happens to young players, the Nets probably liked Brooks a lot... they did steal him from the Celtics on draft night. They just had a trade they couldn't pass up that meant Brooks had to leave town.

Similar situation for Wallace too. The Nets should have let him know about the trade for sure. But I don't think anyone points the finger at Gerald for last season. The door opened for a once in a generation type trade and the Nets pulled the trigger.

Both players seem to be enjoying Boston and off to good starts with the Celtics. The Nets of course seem very pleased, this could be a win-win.

Sources: MassLive and NY Daily News

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