Trade rumor: Celtics may look to deal Kris Humphries by mid-season

Here's what the Boston Herald's Mark Murphy wrote today in regards to Humphries' tenure with the Celtics:
But there’s no denying that this is an oil-and-water mix for Humphries, who thanks to an extremely movable contract (one year, $12 million) could be headed to a contender once trade activity starts to heat up again in mid-December. 
“Obviously writers write about those possibilities, and it’s (C’s president of basketball operations Danny Ainge’s) job to develop the team for now and the future,” Humphries said. “I’ve learned to control what you can control. We’re all coming in for practice and that’s what it is. If you worry about the future, then you lose focus on what you have to do today, and that’s basketball. Anyone can be traded at any time unless you have a no-trade clause. That’s what it is.”

Clearly this is all speculation on the part of Murphy and just the opinion of one writer (although it was enough to generate a column in Sports Illustrated's FanNation "Truth and Rumors" section), and you can take what you want from the quote.  But if the Celtics are playing for the future and somebody is willing to offer them potential building blocks for Humphries, obviously they are going to listen.

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