Rondo works out during second day of camp

This was the first time since April,that we've seen Rajon Rondo shooting jumpers. This is what we want to see from our All-Star point guard. Rondo looked solid running through non-contract offensive drills with his team, showing a shooting touch that seems more polished. He also seemed to be moving just fine,with a small brace visible on his right knee. Even if it's a good sign that Rondo is able to move through these drills, head coach Brad Stevens offered a realistic approach about it all.

"I’ve seen him every day, so it’s harder for me to tell than maybe you to tell because you haven’t seen him on the court for a while. He looks good to me. That being said, he still has a ways to go."

Added Bradley: "He works on his shot every day. He’s been working hard. Preparing to come back. And we can’t wait to have him."

In my opinion Rondo's jumper has improved year by year. I would also think it should get better through rehab. It's one of the first things you can do while going through rehab, and so far it looks fluid and natural.Take a look at the video below, and you be the judge.

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