Playing mad scientist with the lineups.

Being a new coach, with new players, in a new league can't be easy. Trying to find out what works and what doesn't would probably be a lot like throwing things at a wall and seeing what sticks. Brad Stevens said Jeff Green will see some playing time at the shooting guard position, and that has me wondering what else could be in store for the lineups this upcoming season. The Celtics are under very little pressure this upcoming season so they can take all the time they need to find a lineup that works.

With Doc Rivers, we've seen a lot of small ball lineups where 6'8 Brandon Bass would be featured as the starting center, and now under Brad Stevens we have talk of 6'9 Jeff Green seeing time as the shooting guard? How else would the rest of that lineup go?

Who knows. It must be fun though, playing all sorts of lineups that many people wouldn't consider productive. It'd be like a real-life video game where you can adjust starting lineups and see what style is best suited for the team. Traditional? Big? Small? Fast? Defensive? Offensive?

What about you? What kind of outrageous lineups can you think of? For me, I like big basketball, so my lineup would probably be something like:


Crawford's ball handling skills aren't bad to the point where he can't play point guard for a few minutes. Green is one of the best, if not, the best 3-point shooter the Celtics have on the roster. Sullinger has range, but I don't think he was allowed to show it under Doc's system. Olynyk is tall with range, and Faverani is of course the only legit center the Celtics have so far.

I'm not saying this lineup will necessarily be good, but it's something I'd at least check out. Let's hear your linueps. Let's try playing mad scientist.