Phil Pressey raising eyebrows in point guard battle

The Boston Celtics lost a wild one on Wednesday night in Providence to the New York Knicks 103-102. But they may have discovered a key member of this team, especially in the absence of Rajon Rondo.

Phil Pressey led the team with 13 points, seven assists, three rebounds and two steals in 28 minutes of action (to go along with no turnovers). Here of some quotes from CSNNE after Wednesday's game:
"Phil’s going to find time if he keeps doing what he’s doing," Stevens said. "Now, the challenge is responding to a night where you have a little success, and then responding the nights where you don’t. And just maintaining an even-ness about you."
“I was just trying to go out there and carry over what was happening in practice," Pressey said. "Compete everyday, and I really feel like Avery and Jordan and other guys, us competing against each other, really got me ready for the game.”
"I give him as much advice as he asks me," Rondo said. "He's a good listener; not a lot of young guys come in and always willing and open to listen. He's a very humble guy. That will take him a long way. He has a little chip on his shoulder. He was undrafted. But the way he plays in practice, and the heart he has, you can't measure that. I think he'll be a pro for a long time."
I have been pushing since before training camp started for Pressey to be the opening night starter at point guard. Last night may have been Pressey's first step towards doing just so. It seems as though he is earning the respect of his teammates and catching the eye of Brad Stevens. And at the first chance Pressey got, he took the opportunity to impress the fans as well.

Avery Bradley looked shaky Wednesday night when he was running the offense, regressing from his solid performance on Monday night. We know from last year that Avery can really struggle starting at the point, which raises the question: why not start Pressey?

Pressey was a stud running the offense at Missouri. He has a lethal combination of speed and court vision that can not be taught. He does need to improve upon his jump shot, but Pressey showed us last night he does have the ability to score, while maintaining his pass first style of play.

Courtney Lee has looked abysmal is the first two preseason games at shooting guard, which happens to be Bradley's natural position. It's a small ball era in the NBA, I would start Pressey and Bradley in the backcourt as the frontcourt continues play it self out. Excluding Rondo, Pressey is probably the first pure point guard the Celtics have rostered since Sebastian Telfair. It would be a shame not to give him a crack to lead the team.

Source: CSNNE

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