Paul Pierce is coming back to Boston! To eat.

While Paul Pierce will not be playing in Wednesday's game against the Brooklyn Nets in Boston, he will be back in town.


Pierce talked with Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News and confirmed that he will not be playing in Wednesday night's preseason game against the Boston Celtics -- neither will Kevin Garnett -- but he did say he will be making the trip to Boston to "enjoy" some of his "favorite restaurants." He then said he will not attend the game.

It's a good thing that Pierce and KG will be sitting out the game as they deserve a real comeback during the regular season, when games really matter. Wonder where Pierce will be eating and if he'll bring Garnett with him. I'm sure Pierce has some real special places around Boston having spent the past 15 years here.

Sure, Pierce played against the Celtics for the first time in his career when they were in Brooklyn, but playing in Boston, a place he called home for a decade and a half, is a whole different animal. Hope he finds a nice quite restaurant without televisions showing the game and enjoys his time in Boston, he deserves it.

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