NBA GMs vote Kelly Olynyk best draft steal

Jesse D. Garrabrant/Getty Images
Yesterday Clint posted a few Celtics related items from the 12th annual GM poll, most of them not very good. However, there was one item of note that was inspiring for Celtics fans. In the poll of 30 GMs (the GMs couldn’t vote for their own team/personnel), the C’s were winners in the Draft when they acquired Kelly ‘Sunshine’ Olynyk from the Dallas Mavericks at the 13th pick.

Olynyk was voted biggest draft steal at his selection, receiving 27.6% of the votes. He’s also viewed as a good long term prospect, ranking 5th for the rookie who will be the best player in 5 years by receiving 6.7% of the votes. Most C’s fans, myself included, started freaking out after Olynyk dominated the NBA summer league. It’s good to see that we’re not the only ones jumping on this kid’s bandwagon. I foresee an ugly season for the Celtics this year, but Kelly’s play should be a bright spot. Can he be the next great Celtic?

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