Tracy McGrady wanted to use PEDs

In a recent interview on NBA TV, Tracy McGrady admitted that he considered using PEDs to return from injuries and stay healthy. It was interesting that he was so open about it, but made sure to be clear that he never did go through with using PEDs.

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"I didn't believe I was going to get there naturally," said McGrady about returning to his pre-injury form. "I actually considered getting an advantage and whatever that was, doing it illegally, I considered that," said McGrady about using performance enhancing drugs. McGrady talked about how common it is in baseball to stay healthy. "I never crossed that line because I read up on it and seen the side effects that could happen."
McGrady is one of the first and only NBA players to openly discuss PEDs, although suspensions have been handed down. T-Mac's career is pretty well sighted as a superstar who lost much of his prime to reoccurring injuries. It's unfortunate, but that is how it works in pro sports. Some players are injury prone and can not handle the toll that their league puts on their body. That is why the superstars that can remain consistent are so much more special. McGrady was always one of my favorite players growing up, so I feel for him, but I think he made the right call not to use banned substances.

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