LeBron James harps on Pierce, KG and Ray Allen - again

Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images
The ‘2013 Award for the Player most out of Touch with Reality’ has got to go LeBron James. Two weeks ago he commented on how KG and Pierce got no criticism for leaving Boston, and rightly so since they were traded. In a recent interview he reiterated what he meant by those original comments:

David Aldridge, NBA.com
"Me: You made a point that while the guys who were traded from Boston to Brooklyn haven't gotten any heat -- no pun -- Ray Allen did for leaving the Celtics last year for Miami. The two situations are obviously different, but what did you mean?

LBJ: I think at the end of the day, no matter who are, if you come to the Heat, you're going to get heat. No pun intended, it's just how it is. You can go play for any other team, any other organization in the world, but if you come to the Heat, you're going to hear it. But at the end of the day, I think what people have to understand is, players have to do what's best for their career, and have to do what's best for their families. Definitely, it's a tough situation at times, especially when you look at Paul (Pierce), who spent his whole career in Boston. And KG, he was able to come there in '08 and kind of change the tradition again, bringing it back to a championship level. But at the end of the day, you have to do what's best for you, and your career. And those guys made that choice, and Doc (Rivers) made that choice, and other guys in our league, and other leagues. Nobody didn't ever think Peyton Manning wouldn't wear a Colts jersey, and he's in Denver. And both sides are excited about the future. So you can't put too much into it. I know there's emotions that go with guys leaving or staying. But for me, I know. I'm the No. 1 guy when it comes to talking about leaving. So I know exactly what comes with it as far as on the court and off the court, and how people are going to view you, and how you're going to be comfortable being in a new place. I think Ray did a good job of doing what was best for him. I don't know the situation with Doc, KG, Paul, and the rest of those guys, but I believe they did the same thing, what was best for them. And I think that's what it comes down to."

He continues to think that it’s all about him… Really LeBron, the reason Ray Allen got heat for signing with Miami is because he joined your team? It has nothing to do with Ray leaving more money and a no trade clause on the table, all while complaining about his role with the C’s and then picking the EXACT same role in Miami? That has nothing to do with it at all right, what color is the sky in your world?

I know LeBron only has a high school degree but c’mon man, a triple negative when talking about Peyton Manning too? That’s not the point, but he just comes off as an idiot. The fact that KG had a no trade clause does not equate to him leaving Boston voluntarily, that’s the bottom line and LeBron doesn’t seem to get that fact. Danny Ainge made that choice, KG just had to agree to it after the fact. He did back track saying that those guys have to do what’s best for them, but it’s just crazy to me how LeBron can always make it about him.Next we'll be hearing how the sun's getting criticized for creating global warming just because it gives off heat that's named after the Miami Heat.

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