LeBron compliments the Boston fans

It's no secret that with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett shipped off to Brooklyn, many Celtics rivalries have cooled down for the time being. But in a recent interview with David Aldridge on NBA.com LeBron James made a case that the Miami - Boston rivalry is still very much alive:

Me: Since Pierce, certainly, and KG certainly thought of as Celtics, does that rivalry your team had with Boston transfer to Brooklyn?
LBJ: No. Because with the Boston rivalry, not only were you playing against those guys, you were playing against their fans, too. And there are not too many fans that can compete with Boston. Probably the Palace of Auburn Hills when it was rocking, as far as animosity or hatred. Brooklyn doesn't have that. Obviously, they have great fans, but Boston has that hatred. You kind of inherit not only going against those guys, but you inherit going against those fans as well.
Me: You loved that, didn't you?
LBJ: Absolutely. It's great when you can silence them. It's hard to silence the Garden, I'll tell you that.

Now this does not mean that the Heat and Nets will not develop a passionate rivalry this season, it would be shocking if they do not. However, it is refreshing to hear LeBron keeping his rivalry with Boston alive.

Both Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green have had huge games against Miami in the past, so King James knows they still are not to be taken lightly, especially in Boston. Hopefully sooner rather than later, a playoff rivalry between the two can reemerge.

Source: David Aldridge of NBA.com

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