Kobe has started talks on contract extension with the Lakers

Kobe Bryant
is an old 35, he's in his final year of a current deal that will pay him $30.5 million this season, the highest salary in the NBA. He's making that much, and the Lakers don't even know when he's coming back. The Lakers had the option to use their amnesty clause this summer on Kobe, but they used it on Metta World Peace, man I hate calling him that.

I think it's a matter of when for Kobe on resigning with the Lakers.The question for Kobe is how much do you want in your pocket, or how much do you want another crack at a ring? I hope Kobe robs the Lakers blind so they can't form a championship team. I see Kobe expecting 20 million a year. I don't know if he'll take a pay cut like KG did when his deal was up with the Celtics in 2012. Kevin accepted 10 million a season, and I don't see Bryant going that low. His ego was recently hurt when ESPN ranked him as the 25th best player in the NBA.


Los Angeles Lakers executive vice president of basketball operations Jim Buss said Friday that the team has started talks with Bryant’s representative on a contract extension for the five-time NBA champion and fully expects a new deal to be completed before the star guard can become a free agent on July 1, 2014.

“I want to put an end to any speculation that we would allow Kobe to become a free agent,” Buss told ESPNLosAngeles.com on Friday night. “That’s not going to happen. Kobe is a top priority for us. He’s a Laker legend and always will be. I don’t think we’re done winning championships with him yet.

“[Lakers general manager] Mitch Kupchak and [Bryant's agent] Rob Pelinka have been talking, but with him being hurt, it has slowed the process some. I don’t know when it’ll get done, but I have faith in Rob and Mitch to work things out.”

I personally think Kobe has won his last NBA championship. He's 35, and he's been playing since he was 18. He's logged a lot of minutes, and I think his season ending Achilles injury last year was a sign of things to come for Kobe. Bryant will have a chance if he takes less money,and if he goes from the alpha dog, to the second or third dog. Can he do that? I don't know if he can.

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