Gerald Wallace stands by calling out his teammates

For those of you who missed it, Gerald Wallace recently called out all his teammates on their effort. You can read Mike's full article here.

Many tweets today showed that Wallace's teammates, and well as his coach Brad Stevens, stand by what Gerald said and think it is sending the team in the right direction:

Wallace himself even expanded upon his thoughts this afternoon:

Pretty serious tangent here by Wallace, but you have to love it. As we discussed last week on Celtics Life Live none of us want to see the Celtics tank, neither does Gerald Wallace. I'm glad he lit a fire under his teammates here and is getting them fired up to go for the regular season. If the young core is going to learn and be ready to win when the time is right, the effort needs to start now.

I stand by my prediction that this will be a 24 win team, but there is a big difference between tanking and competing. The Celtics may not be good enough to win many games, even while competing their hardest as Wallace is pushing for. Wallace also said he can live with that, and so can I.

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